About Beet of the Wild

Inspired by nature, Beet of the Wild is a blog dedicated to healthy, seasonal recipes, natural living and holistic homemaking how-tos.

Our Mission

The intention behind Beet of the Wild is to inspire, motivate and inform the conscious and the curious. To encourage the return to real food, and to honour the wild roots of nature.
In hopes of striking a chord in the wild that resides within each of our hearts - infusing the ancient into the modern, bringing forth wisdom, knowledge and tradition that promotes flourishing health and mindful living.



Beet of the Wild is where nutritious meets delicious! Seasonally inspired, all recipes are made with whole foods and minimally processed ingredients. From breakfast to dessert, Beet of the Wild recipes are crafted with nutrition and gut health in mind. So, you can be sure to find a variety of allergy and intolerance-friendly foods to meet your dietary needs.


Nutrition doesn't begin and end with diet; it encompasses every aspect of our lives. From homemade pantry staples to holistic living tips, Beet of the Wild is dedicated to natural nourishment from the inside out.

About Michelle

A woman preparing whole foods on a rustic table with fresh beets and beet greens.


Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Certified Yoga Teacher

Freelance Photographer

Michelle McCowan, recipe developer, creator and photographer behind Beet of the Wild, began publishing recipes in 2018 after graduating with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

After experiencing rejuvenated digestive, gut and hormonal health through a clean eating and holistic living approach, Michelle was inspired to share her tastiest recipes, along with easy-to-digest information that simplifies healthy eating, home cooking and natural wellness.

When she's not behind the camera (or dancing in the kitchen), you can find her barefoot in the garden, snuggling her pups or lost in thought, gazing up at the starry sky.



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