The bottom of a blender, measuring spoons, a stack of measuring cups, a colander and a small pot with a wooden spoon sitting in it.

Amazon Picks

While Beet of the Wild does not endorse Amazon or their practices, we are aware it can be a great way to access and support many small businesses and health-conscious brands across the globe.

Here you can Find Some of Beet of the Wild's Favourite brands and products available on Amazon.

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Cooking & Baking Staples

Here's a list of gluten and dairy-free staples that are almost always stocked in my pantry. Most of these items are also called for in many recipes on the blog!

Gluten-Free Flours


Whole Grains

Nuts & Seeds


Natural Sweeteners

Natural Flavour Boosters



More Favourites

Non-Toxic CookWare

It can be challenging to find clean, non-toxic cookware these days. Many skillets and saucepans have a non-stick coating. Which almost always contain neurotoxins and hormone-disrupting chemicals that can leach into our food! The safest cookware options are non-coated, classic cast iron, good quality, non-reactive stainless steel and glass.

Here is a list of some of the safest, non-toxic cookware sets I've found on Amazon.

Cooking & Baking Equipment

Cooking and baking from scratch can require extra equipment to make life easier and achieve perfection with some recipes. Here is a list of equipment that's often used in my kitchen and is often used to make many recipes on the blog.

Blenders & Food Processors


Slow Cookers / Insta Pot

Tools, Gadgets & Storing

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